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Gallura - Costa Smeralda

Gallura - Costa Smeralda

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Gallura is a real Garden of the Mediterranean: here we promote from over 40 years only properties that are located in areas of high environmental value, natural and marine parks protected by specific laws since the ‘60s.

Popular destination for a demanding and sensitive clientele who pays attention to the uniqueness of the environment, welfare, slow life, and good life.

For a better quality of life, and more fulfilling and authentic lifestyles, in line with priorities such as family, quality time, inner being, and reflection. Our holiday homes are surrounded by natural scenery of incomparable beauty, where you can still find that intimate and privileged relationship with charming Mother Nature, which surrounds you with its silences, sunsets and sunrises.



Sardinia, sited in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Costa Smeralda placed in the north-east of the island, in the heart of a region named Gallura, is one of the greatest ecological success of the European Tourism industry.

Land of Unspoilt Nature

Gallura has about 450 km of coastline, it is an area remained at its natural state, free from intensive agriculture and industries and without any physical and visual barrier that limits the horizon. The urban rules that limit the settlements near the coast, made the value of a villa bordering the sea priceless: it is like an inestimable work of art. This territory has been defended since 1968 by the existence of urban planning and today it is not possible to build near the sea.

Gallura has few inhabitants, 160.000 people spread over 450 Km of coastline and 25 islands. Olbia (80 km coastline and 54.000 inhabitants) is the main city.


Surrounded by three different seas (the Mediterranean, the Tyrrhenian and the Bonifacio Strait) Gallura has a great variety of landscapes and locations, suitable for all types of holiday. The fashionable and glamorous Costa Smeralda, the quiet and peaceful Terravecchia, where 21 villas stand on 65 hectares of Mediterranean maquis, the exclusive Portobello with its timeless charm and the Islands of the archipelago, ideal for outdoor sports lovers, are just some of the unique location of this area.

Gallura is a sparsely populated area, characterized by crystal clear waters and deserted beaches. A refuge for those who wish to immerse themselves in an unspoiled environment. Here luxury is combined with the extraordinary beauty of the landscapes, the ideal location for those who desire well-being and quality of life. Here you can enjoy a dimension of privacy and total relaxation, which allows the spirit regeneration.

Thanks to its services and infrastructures: ports, airport, hotels, facilities, shopping centers, medical centers, Sardinia is able to meet a long-term tourism in a sustainable way. This magical land allows you to be, at the same time, immersed into the nature and close to the facilities of a modern city and is the ideal solution for every type of demand, all year round.

Costa Smeralda is the most stylish area of Gallura, renowned all over the world as synonymous with glamour and luxury.

Thanks to its boutiques, coffee lounge bars, restaurants and galleries, Costa Smeralda has always been among the favorite destinations by the elites of the planet. A synthesis of art , design, fashion , food and wine, able of reinterpreting the luxury in a modern way.

The perfect balance between tradition, innovation and sublime nature of places.

A simple, natural and ethic cooking. Strong and authentic tastes involving soul and senses,

strongly tied to the land, able to convey feelings of familiarity.

A rich cuisine, tasty and healthy, which has its roots in traditional Sardinian cookery, characterized by a strong bonds with the territory and fundamental attention to the quality of raw materials and the seasonality of the product.