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Your holiday home in Italy, forever: find the low cost sales in Sardinia.

Discover all the gorgeous properties for Sale in Capo Ceraso Resort

Have you always wanted to have your own beach house, which was only and exclusively yours, and where you can spend the holidays with your family but also enjoy some holiday period throughout the year, leaving for a moment the thoughts and stress daily at home and enjoying an atmosphere of total tranquility and physical and mental well-being?

Capo Ceraso Resort offers some exceptional villas and apartments for sale ready for you immediately and allowing you to find your holiday home in Italy at a good price and conditions, placed inside a natural context close to Costa Smeralda.



What does it mean to buy a holiday home in Italy, in particular villas and apartments in Sardinia?


Choosing to buy a holiday home in Sardinia means to immerse yourself in a nice and well-finished structures that are able to convey unique sensations impossible to find in other places.

That's why in Capo Ceraso Resort, this beautiful residence in Italy, were selected some targetedsales offers which include apartments built with quality materials following the personal philosophy of building.

The attention to detail of the apartments for sale has been the mainstay since the beginning, when important designers have chosen to leave their mark.


Why choose to buy a vacation home in Sardinia, in the natural park of Capo Ceraso?


You are the ideal person for this fabulous and enchantedcontext in Capo Ceraso and you are perfect to get our sales if :

  • you love nature and the environment. Capo Ceraso Resort is one of the rare examples in Sardinia's development that was built before the "Bridge law" during the 60s, that introduced restricting laws for the building construction. This means that if you choose to buy a holiday home in Italy at Capo Ceraso in Sardinia you will get a rare and unique commodity;

  • you are looking for relaxation and rest anyway in an active vacation, thanks for all sports and activities in the surrounding area (links to sports dintoni). In addition, Costa Smeralda, Porto Rotondo and other villages are just a few kilometers away from the resort;

  • you want to guarantee an accommodation in a refined atmosphere, in a place of great equilibrium in which the apartments are located;

  • you can not stand the crowds. Infact, the village is located off the path of mass tourism and the roads to reach Capo Ceraso are not well known;

  • you appreciate the services to the sea, but not those inside the settlement that attract too many visitors from outside;

  • you love the fine sandy beaches and protected natural areas;

  • proximity to the airport and so extreme comfort in the reaching of your holiday home in Sardinia, even without the use of the car;

  • good price/quality ratio with apartment sales extremely competitive, especially considering the stunning environment of Sardinia to which they belong.


Your holiday home in Italy is already here, at Capo Ceraso in Sardinia: take advantage of our great deals on sale.