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Sports and relaxation in Sardinia: a wellness holiday

Sports and relaxation in Sardinia: a wellness holiday

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Are you looking for sports, culture, relaxation and wellness vacancy in Sardinia at the same time?


Do not be satisfy “only” for the most beautiful sandy beaches in crystal clear water around the Mediterranean Sea for your holidays in Italy.

Infact, Sardinia is a territory which can offer much more. For those who are looking for a place with beautiful sea and beaches but that can not resign themselves to the classical life of a holiday “too quiet", choosing an apartment in Sardinia may be the better prospect.


Sport, culture and relaxation in Sardinia: these are the keys for your wellness holiday in Italy.


Living a healthy holiday in Sardinia means being able to combine a set of different activities within a single environment, even better if they are situated in a natural context.

This is what distinguishes Capo Ceraso Resort in Sardinia from the other region of Italy; indeed you can find a lot of sports activities, art, culture, relaxation, suitable for families with children, young couples, singles and even old tourists (retirement), a demanding public that does not know the value of time.


Art and culture of Sardinia, historical events that encompass centuries of tradition.


The earliest artistic representations in Sardinia could be join up to the Neolithic era, through the appearance of the first decorations on ceramics.

In this period came to life representations of small statues representing the "mother goddess" and thanks to the arrogance of the Nuragic civilization during the Bronze Age were built the famous small traditional sculptures called "bronze" .

You can find a lot of archaeological sites in Sardinia as well as the authentic architecture that accompanies each place of this great land.


For your wellness holiday in Sardinia you can enjoy all the services and practice your favorite sports.


Ther are lots of sports in Sardinia you can practice, especially with regard to the area of Gallura and the nearby Costa Smeralda.

Sailing, diving, climbing, biking, surfing, fishing, riding, walking and golf; these are the main sports activities which you can enjoy in the surrounding area of Capo Ceraso in Sardinia.


Not only sport activities: immerse yourself in a place where comfort and relaxation are the basis of everyday life.


This residence in Sardinia was built in the heart of Gallura.

The precious station spas and pools will give you moments of intense relaxation, all in the beautiful setting of Sardinia. Helping you to transform your dreams into real holidays will be our main goal.